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Boring Books for Bedtime is a quiet little podcast for a noisy world, and you are very welcome here.

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Nov 25, 2019

Relax with random selections, from the nature of gods to the totally-not-at-all-made-up manticore, from Pliny the Elder's remarkable encyclopedia. Who knew the sum of all knowledge could be so sleep-inducing?


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Nov 18, 2019

Enter the dreamy world of the Wee Folk as we continue our reading of "The Coming of the Fairies". Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, creator of that great logical thinker Sherlock Holmes, tries to prove that...actual fairies exist? Okay then!


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Nov 11, 2019

Let's quietly celebrate the lengthening nights of autumn with this reading from "American Pomology," a 19th century study on apple-growing in America. Also, we discover that the word "fruits" is weirdly fun to say.


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Nov 4, 2019

Tonight we journey into the mists of history with Marco Polo and his uncles as they journey across the world to the court of Kublai Khan and back again. The 13th century has never been so dreamy.

This week's episode complements a new tale about Genghis Khan by one of my favorite YouTube ASMRtists, The French Whisperer....